Fay De Bretagne - Nantes

Track Description

Favourite circuit for many of our clients looking for a high terminal speed as this circuit was built for the Venturi Le Mans team and features a 1 km back straight so gives all the supercar owners the opportunity to stretch their legs and pick a braking point from 200 kph plus !! Still a great circuit for Caterhams and the like as there is a tight section to this 3.3km circuit. 




Circuit de Fay de Bretagne – Les Noxitoches – 44130 Fay de Bretagne

GPS Coordinates

Latitude: 47.34507 Longitude: -1.79856

Nearest Fuel Station

Turn right out of the circuit and go through Le Temple-de-Bretagne taking a left onto Rue du Grand Pont, and left onto the N165 for service station. Also there is a Hyper U supermarket with 24Hr fuel station at Vigneux de Bretagne; turn left at the church roundabout.

Hotels We Use

Restaurant Abreuvoir  – N137 Rennes and Nante

Brithotel – A165 Nantes to Vannes