NOW FULL Le Mans - Maison Blanche

One of two circuits within this iconic motorsport venue, the Maison Blanche circuit was recreated in 2007 with total length of 2.9km and 9 metres wide. The infield has a mixture of technical corners and decent straights with an off camber section joining the 24hr Circuit at the Corvette curves with high speed kink and straight before a left hand hairpin which takes you back to the pits and infield section.

Although it does not have the notoriety of the Bugatii circuit many of our clients prefer the technical elements to this circuit and definitely worth the extra day.

2019 a brand new complex was built on the in field providing air conditioned breifing rooms,garages,  spectator balcony and much need large carpark so we can now accomodate 50 vehicles comfortably.!prettyPhoto/0/


Maison Blanche


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